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The Beginners Group meets every Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm all year round at the Nonsuch Pantry Café (SM3 8AL). Rides are for cycling beginners who have done no "serious" cycling, or those who are returning to cycling after a few years of not riding, or may have only used their cycle for shopping or short local journeys and are looking for leisure rides with other cyclists. 

You can ride to the café from park entrances on the sharp bend on Ewell Road (A232) west of Cheam Village; or on the London Road (A24) near the Sparrow Farm Road intersection, Stoneleigh, or on the bend on the London Road (A24) north east of the junction with the Ewell Bypass (A240). Each park entrance has a car park. 

These short, easy rides are on quiet residential roads, cycle routes and through open spaces leading to nearby countryside. Experienced riders ensure that slow cyclists are not left behind. For the total beginner or for accompanied young children, there are shorter rides within Nonsuch Park. For more experienced cyclists, there is a separate longer ride on most Saturdays. All rides return to the café. Twice a month there are longer rides - one on Saturday, one on Sunday. On the third Saturday of each month there are additional rides from the Pavilion Café in Beddington Park (SM6 7NN)

What to bring :

  • Extra clothing, including rainwear if the forecast makes this advisable

  • Pump and puncture repair outfit or spare inner tube

  • Front and rear lights

  • Personal identification

  • Snack (raisins, chocolate, etc) - food is your fuel!

  • Money

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