Midweek Wayfarers

The Midweek Wayfarers meet every Wednesday at the Queen Victoria traffic lights, North Cheam (A24/A2043).  We leave at 9:30am, unless advertised differently on the rides list. Alternatively you could ride directly to Elevenses.  To cater for the wide range of pace and riding capability, riders divide into three sub-groups after Elevenses:

  • A group: often a bit faster or hillier than the B group rides

  • B group: popular mid-range rides

  • Easy Riders (C group): shorter and slower rides


The length of rides will vary (anything between 20 and 70 miles) and you can choose on the day the type of ride you want.  Some rides will be train assisted.  The group also offers tours to Youth Hostels.  Some members tour internationally. 

Important: When a separate venue is advertised, Easy Riders meet there, not at North Cheam.

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