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Privacy Notice


Our club (SW London CTC) holds personal information about our members, for communication with and between members, to run competitions, and to inform their emergency contacts in the event of an incident.  This information is held with members’ consent, and because we have a legitimate interest in the operation of the club, the welfare of our members and compliance with CTC insurance guidelines.  We are governed by General Data Protection Regulations (‘GDPR’).

You give your consent explicitly at the outset by providing your details to us, and you re-affirm your consent every year by paying the annual subscription to SW London CTC.  You are entitled to see, and if necessary correct or request deletion of the information held about you, on request to the Secretary.   You may also withdraw your consent for us to hold information about you.

Contact information for those who have given their consent is distributed to Ride Leaders, usually once a year, and other information is available on the blogs.   A small amount of information such as individual welfare reports is available only to committee members.  

Contact information is deleted after two years’ non-membership, but since this will have been previously distributed to members, it may be impractical to delete all copies of this information.

Shared copies of some information (including contact information) is held on web-based ‘Cloud’ services such as Google Drive with access only available to selected authorised people.   This web-based information may be held on servers outside the EU or UK.

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