Covid-19 Guidance

Group rides have recommenced.

The following guidance applies, although it may be updated in line with any changes in government or Cycling UK guidance:


The committee has decided that we will continue to stay clearly within the law and apply the Rule of Six to rides at least until we have considered advice from CUK regarding larger groups. 

If you come on a ride, please read and follow our latest guidance, which is linked from this page:



  • Wednesday rides:  In addition, Midweek Wayfarers rides require pre-booking in order to ensure sufficient group leaders are available.   Details of the ride, with a contact for booking, are usually posted on the Wayfarers blog the preceding weekend.  You are usually asked to book by Monday night so that groups can be published on Tuesday.


  • Saturday (Beginners) all-day rides:  as above: these require pre-booking in order to form groups of six and allocate leaders.  Details are published on the Beginners blog a few days before, and will include details of how and when to book.  Regular weekly Beginners rides do not require pre-booking.


Our guidelines are based on latest guidance from the government and from Cycling UK, and our own risk assessment.

If you wish to get an idea of how they work in practice, see recent ride reports on our blogs.

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