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Covid-19 Guidance

The following guidance applies, although it may be updated in line with any changes in government or Cycling UK guidance:


The current virus is highly contagious and still very much in circulation so Cycling UK encourages people to cycle in a manner which minimises risk to themselves and others.  Cyclists should use their common sense, especially by maintaining good hygiene practices and not cycling with others if feeling unwell or told to self-isolate.

There will be people who remain cautious about our group rides, and worried about people getting too close to them. Many of our riders are at increased risk from Covid due to age or medical conditions, so we all need to look after each other.  Vaccinations have helped but do not make us fully immune. 

There are no longer any legal restrictions or limits on numbers of people who may gather
indoors or outside.  However, other recommendations still apply.  For example we
recommend the following precautions for the protection of ourselves and others we may

  • Face coverings should still be worn in crowded settings, particularly in day centres, and in cafes and pubs.

  • Riders should carry out a Lateral Flow Test before attending a ride, or should carry out a self-assessment of symptoms if this is not possible.

  • Riders should not attend if unwell, or contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to self-isolate.

If you become unwell on or after a ride and Covid is suspected inform the Ride leader promptly, who should assess the situation with you. If you are on the ride, you should return home as soon as possible with the least risk of infection spreading. This may involve calling for help from home, or the leader asking for a volunteer to accompany you as a suitable distance. In any event all members of the ride should assess their level of contact with the person and take appropriate action including testing and self-isolation if appropriate. A committee member should also be informed and a CUK incident report filed if necessary.

Our guidelines are based on latest guidance from the government and from Cycling UK, and our own risk assessment.

If you wish to get an idea of how they work in practice, see recent ride reports on our blogs.

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